Monday Mundane Challenge: Supermoon

Well.. usually we post abstract or mundane things or shots in this photography challenge hosted by Photrablogger but this time I am choosing to post one of my favourite pic that I took today. 

Everyone has been talking about Supermoon today. I read about it and wanted to see if it really is what they say about it. I had never seen a supermoon before. 

This pic is my favourite not because it is of the Red big supermoon but because I ventured out of my comfort zone and went to high building (unknown territory) with another photography enthusiast to watch the moon and click few good photos…. optimistically. So googled the moon rise time and reached our so called vantage point and started waiting for the moon to rise. We were waiting impatiently but the moon wasn’t rising. So we thought to click some city view while we wait. The moment we changed our position and went few steps in another direction , suddenly  some reddish ball in the sky caught our attention. There it was. We forgot to click and were just admiring it. After a few moments we realised that we should try to take shots of it. Images didn’t turn out to be very sharp due to ultra low light but I was so happy as this was the first time I did a photoshoot that felt like an adventure. 

Happy clicking!



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  1. That is an awesome moon. 55_250mm?

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