Monday Mundane Photography #3

Being a photography enthusiast, I think I am turning into a bit crazy person. Everything, almost everything that I see, I start visualising that how would it look through my lens. And as one of my favourite blogger friend  JIthin says, Finding beauty in everything that you see is the basic of photography. That’s the idea behind this Mundane photography series.

Here is my another entry for this series.

Blow The Whistle
Blow The Whistle

Hope you Like it. Head over to Trablogger’s blog to see many beautiful mundane and non-mundane photographs.

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  1. Love the bright colour 😃

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  2. hahah.. it happens a lot. When you are travelling to a new place in a bus or train, you tend to see every thing in terms of potential photographs! You have been bitten by the bug, officially 😉
    Nice colours and blurred background 🙂

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  3. Beautifully mundane … or should it be mundanely beautiful ? 🙂 Nice idea to pick on and great shot.

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