Gone, but stayed in memories..

Sadly, my lil’ sister left this earthly abode on 25th July ’15. She was fighting with cancer. It’s unbelievable and hard for me and my brother but we’ve to accept this bitter truth and learn to live with this. Siblings are best friends chosen and showered by God. We lost one of our best friend. She was the bravest person that we know and we are so proud of her.  She fought with this dreaded disease till her last breath. She never gave up on Life but Life finally gave up on her. 

Even a sister’s support and brother’s protection couldn’t save her. We are feeling a bit low now, but, we promised her soul that we’ll be fine and bounce back to life. Life is uncertain but precious. We promised her soul that we’ll help her husband and kids to cope well and continue appreciating this journey, called LIFE. 

I really don’t know about that another world, but I pray to God that He keep her healthy and happy out there. May her soul merge with the divine light. 



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  1. Sincere condolences – you express very well here the sense of loss, the anguish, but also the perseverance of those that continue. I went through the same ten years ago, and you’re right, one does eventually bounce back. But it can take a while, and the grieving isn’t something that can be hurried. Best wishes to you and your family.

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    • Thanks a lot Curtis!! And I am so sorry to know that you had to go through this pain a while ago. And you are absolutely right,grieving isn’t something that can be hurried. Grieving is very strange. At times, you become comfortable with your life and at times you just cannot come to terms with it. But time is the best healer. Thanks again! How have you been by the way?

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      • Yes, it is strange, as you say, going from one mood to another, but time does indeed eventually do its work. I’ve been fine, thanks – currently babysitting for our daughter, it’s exhausting!

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  2. My sincere condolences. I hope you stay strong after the loss. It’s never been easy to lose someone who close to our heart and know our history and their history very well. Best wishes..

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