Glasses had already been catching my fancy these days. I was already clicking some photos of the glass, with the glass, along the glass or across the glass. Here are some of my clicks that I would love to share.

The blue glass pot kept on a glass shelf
The blue glass pot kept on a glass shelf
The Mocktail Glasses
The Mocktail Glasses
The Sunset and it's warmth being reflected on car's window glass
The Sunset and it’s warmth being reflected on car’s window glass
The lit-up chandelier
The lit-up chandelier


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  1. I love the car window with the sunset reflecting on it, that is classy and very interesting. The dark shades of the car and glass and the orange shades of the sunset are two colors that really compliment one another. It is a soothing picture to me, ahhh, finally sunset, day is coming to an end. I also really loved the photo of the mocktail glasses. They caught so many images and colors within the glass from somewhere. You got a really cool photo there!

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  2. Your glass work is top shelf, livelover.

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  3. Beautiful collection and lovely observations 🙂

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