When I saw “motion” as a photo101 task, I knew I am going to capture some moments while my little son is playing with his friends. I was so sure about that. But one fine early morning, I was walking in my garden with camera in my hand ( nowadays, most of the times I am found with my camera and very soon it’s going to be irritating for others) when I saw this  crow sitting on a tree branch. I positioned my camera to click the bird but that black bird was camera shy. The moment it saw me trying to invade its solitude, it flew away but luckily I managed to capture the flight with my lens and later when I saw this photo, I forgot what I wanted to submit for the photo 101 “motion” assignment.



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  1. Glad you submitted this one!

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  2. You captured it on the right timing – the flying bird is perfect!

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  3. Makes me wonder is the crow fleeing from you, or beckoning you to follow?

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  4. Well Captured. Caught in action!

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