I am proud of being a woman. I am lucky to have lovely people around me who make me feel special everyday. But this women’s day was more special for me. Firstly, because my husband came back home from his sailing just 4 days before women’s day. So, I was more than just being happy.

My day started with the bed tea prepared by my husband and I just loved that.

My gym management had organised a celebration party for all the female members and I had participated in one dance performance. I was very excited for this party and dance programme as I love to dance. There were 9 girls in my dance group and we all had been practicing for that for 10-14 days. My team members were from all age group: from a school girl to middle aged women. And very few of us were good at dancing so we had to practice very hard. Many of them were dancing for the 1st time. I salute to those ladies of my team who showed great enthusiasm and courage  to perform in front of the audience. Despite not following many of the steps, none of them stepped back, none of them thought of quitting. All were firm to stick with the team.

Ok…So, the members were supposed to reach the gym at 4’o clock in the evening. When we reached, there was a red carpet welcome for us. Trainers and management people showered flowers on us, got us clicked, and guided us to the party hall, which used to be the the workout area. I don’t know about others but I was feeling like a celebrity. All the equipments were put aside and a stage was set for the performances. Before the dance program started, a formal press conference was held, many female members of the society and media were awarded for their roles and achievements. Gym members were also awarded and the best part was, I also got an award for being the most gutsy female member. It was a surprise for me but it totally made my day.

Award??? for me????
Award??? for me????

I was elated. Then the program started. Ours was the 1st programme to be performed. Whatever we remembered from our practice, we did it there on the stage and surprisingly, received a huge applause. I’ve already told that I am surrounded with lovely people. They cheered and clapped for us.

dance team
dance team
rock n roll
rock n roll

Some more performance by other teams were there which everyone enjoyed. All the girls rocked that day. Best and the most surprising item for the day was a dance performance done by our trainers, staffs and the owner of the gym especially for us all. It was so sweet and loving of them to do that for us.

After the formal performances, delicious food was served to us. Then, the rocking DJ party started and we all danced like mad people till 9. Lastly, we thanked our gym people for such an awesome celebration and started departing. But it wasn’t over yet. We all were gifted a rose and a framed photograph from that day. We thanked once more.

some of my gym buddies
some of my gym buddies

My husband and son came to pick me up and they took me to a lovely dinner at an awesome restaurant. I was tired but very very happy.



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  1. Wow!! Congratulations! That’s a special celebration and you get special treat 🙂 Enjoy your day!!

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  2. So cool! Sounds like it was a great day 🙂 And congrats on the award! 🙂

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  3. What a day. And what an attitude in that picture! 😉

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