The yellow and red
sarson ka khet ( The mustard farm)

We were going out of town to attend some family function. My husband was driving and I was just enjoying the ride and suddenly this yellow farm caught my attention. Nothing could stop me from going into that farm. I just wanted to there. My husband is such a lovely person ; he never gets irritated and almost always surrenders to my whims.

This was purely a bliss for me…being amidst the natural beauty of yellow all around.

I must admit that this photo wasn’t taken by me but I couldn’t find anything more apt than this for photo 101 ” BLISS”.



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  1. Yes indeed, a field of mustard is a gorgeous place and your captured it most excellent.

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  2. I have always loved to be surrounded with wild flowers. Good thing you are not allergic! That certainly is bliss!

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  3. I can feel it from your image! Yellow and red are striking colors and they look great in your image. 🙂

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  4. Bliss, Blossom, Beauty. This is a beautiful picture

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