Holi is my favourite Indian festival. It’s so vibrant and so colourful. Everyone seems to be in festive mood, enjoying the surroundings, enjoying the company of loved ones. Every Holi, I call all my family members ( in laws) to gather at my place so that we can be together for the whole day and celebrate the colours of life and be vibrant in the company of each other.

Here are some of the photos to show how madly we enjoy this.

The masks
The masks
and the water guns
and the water guns

Various kinds of masks and props and water guns to make the day all the more funny. These water guns called “PICHKARI” are used to splash colors on each other. Though after some time, we take the matter in our own hands and start smearing colours on people’s faces directly with hands.


The battle of colours goes on for quite a long time.


Who's who?
Who’s who?

It’s very hard to recognise who’s who after the battle is over. Then, everyone goes to do the impossible task of washing the colours off their body. It takes 3-4 days, sometimes more for the colours to go completely.


In the evening, we put a pinch of these coloured powders called Gulal on elder people’s feet to show our respect and smear on friends’ cheeks and forehead to show our positiveness and love for them.



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  1. That sounds like an amazing festival. I’d love to take part one day. I love the part about smearing a little colour on people we respect or love. Thank you for opening my eyes.

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  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

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  3. It looks an amazing festival – so colorful and happy!

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