Being STREET smart

” I found my way to street level and into what optimists call fresh air ” 

Gunnar Staalesen

Here is my submission for the assignment #2 of photography 101 “Streets”. 

Night time view of Bangkok streets
Night time view of Bangkok streets

This view was taken from the observation deck of Baiyoke Hotel, the tallest building in Bangkok, Thailand.

some Street in China
some Street in China

There is a small story behind this photo. I ,with my son and other shipmates signed off from the ship in China and we all were staying at a hotel. After many failed attempt to get food of our taste, we thought to go out and find McDonalds. This photo was taken while we were wandering from street to street in search of McDonalds and found it, thankfully.


This is a very famous Monument in Hyderabad….CHARMINAR (INDIA).

Hope, you liked my clicks of various streets.

Happy photographing and blogging!



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  1. The opening image is really nice! Night photography could be tricky – did you use tripod?

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  2. The first pic is awesome 🙂

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  3. Night time in BK is gorgeous. The light trails and curves. Lovely pics

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