In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”

smileys bring smiles
smileys bring smiles

Whenever I give these deep fried potato smileys to my son and his best friend, the cute smiles and happy faces are more than just rewarding.

Best instant food
Best instant food

Please excuse the poor and messy picture but seriously, this was one of the most rewarding experience for me. I was in China with my son after signing off from the ship, and absolutely no idea how to order and get the food that we want. 2-3 more shipmates were with us and after many failed attempt to get the food of our taste, this most famous Indian instant noodles #Maggi that we fortunately brought from the ship rescued us from our miseries. We had only 1 pair of chopsticks with us which I and my son used. My other shipmates had to use the funniest and most innovative chopsticks: They had to make chopsticks out of pairs of toothbrush . Ha ha ha….funny time that was!



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  1. I’ve never come across potato smileys before – brilliant!

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  2. I have no idea there are potato smileys – they look so cute and the idea is creative! Did you make them yourselves?

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  3. Fried potato chips with a smile looks nice. And shipmates are creative and real street smarts!


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