The reason behind this madness
The reason behind this madness

There is something magical about the moon…especially full moon, isn’t it? Last week, 3rd feb was a full moon day. The word “Full moon” always reminds me of one of the most amazing beach party that I attended in May 2013. It was THE FULL MOON PARTY at a crescent shaped beach named Haad Rin at Koh Phangan island,Thailand. When I 1st heard of it, it sounded strange to me and I thought, ” Really? Does this kind of party exist?” So, I tried to know more about it and found that, quite a some time ago, a group of tourists thought that the most beautiful full moon was in Koh Phangan. They loved it and celebrated it by arranging a party along the crescent shaped “Haad rin” beach. It gained popularity and people started joining this celebration on every full moon and now, it has become a madness. Now around 10,000-30,000 people from all around the globe join this frenzy every month. It’s one hell of a beach party, I am telling you. The most striking part of the party that I found was, people have to use some neon colors on their body. Be it their dress, head band, wrist band, or body paint..just anything . This is not mandatory but it has become a whole heartedly accepted custom now. Everyone, yes..everyone put some neon colored designs or logo on their body. The moment i read about this party, I knew I had to be there. Just for the sake of being there and be part of such a strange event, I decided to go. Talked to my partner ( I prefer to say partner, rather than husband) about it and he was game. We checked the dates for the next full moon and WHOA!!! it was falling on our anniversary date. What a coincidence!! We booked our tickets to Thailand. Checked connection to the Koh Phangan from Bangkok. I always prefer to use public transport rather than flight and taxis until it is absolutely necessary. It comes cheap too. We wanted to be at the full moon party on our anniversary date. We had 4 days in hand. We decided to spend 2 days at a very beautiful island, Koh Samui. And we didn’t have to divert any route, it was on the way. So, we landed at Bangkok, took a local train to SuratThani. From here only, we were supposed to take a boat ride to the Koh Samui island and then to the notoriously famous island of Koh Phangan.I am so glad that we didn’t fly and took this route. No flight would have shown us the views of Thailand that we saw while traveling by train and boat. Enjoying the process of journey is equally important. It was an overnight train journey from Bangkok to Surat Thani. We slept peacefully in the train and had one of most romantic breakfast. It was not the magic of the food served, it was the company and the views outside that made it so special. Those huge windows of the dining coach offered a beautiful view of forest outside. Then we reached SuratThani, took a bus to the ferry terminal which would take us to Koh Samui. We had booked everything before starting our journey…hotels, train tickets, boat rides, bus rides everything. The boat was on time and we reached Koh Samui around noon. Spent 2 days there relaxing and exploring the place. The place is awesome, people are friendly and welcoming, food is mouth watering and the massage is heavenly. After 2 days, we started for the much awaited journey….a boat ride to Koh phangan.

On our way to Koh Phangan
On our way to Koh Phangan

Reached our destination, checked into a previously booked hotel and waited for the evening. Went for the swimming to pass our time. Party destination was very far away from our hotel, so we booked a ride to the beach from the hotel only. Got ready for the party in the evening. We had bought neon t-shirts from Koh Samui but had no body paints and couldn’t find any near our hotel. So went ahead without any body paint on us. There were many guests from the hotel who accompanied us. We all reached the Haad Rin Beach area. When we got down, we could see only sea of people, real sea wasn’t visible anywhere. All in neon dresses with beautiful designs on their body. I was dying to get one on mine. There were lots of body paint artist with their make-shift pavement shops. Many locals were selling neon accessories. All the streets were lined with booze shops and food joints. We bargained with one artist and got some bady paint on us.

Color me bright...
Color me bright…

I got some  butterflies and motifs on me and my partner got an anchor painted on him. He is a sailor, after all.

Sailor with his anchor
Sailor with his anchor

Now, we were truly feeling to be a part of the event. We were so proud of our body art.

Motifs on my arm
Motifs on my arm

Being all set for the party, we headed towards the beach. There was some entrance money to be paid and we got one wrist band each. That was our entry ticket.

Our Entry ticket..lol
Our Entry ticket..lol

Then, we entered the party arena. Oh my!! so many people…crazy crowd…pulsating music…Jugglers….fire dance….booze everywhere….drunk people….dancing people. All kind of music….Trance..techno…drum…bass….EDM….making people even crazier.

The Crowd
The Crowd

The whole craziness was there right on the beach. I am a teetotaler, so I had to find some soft drink for me. My partner is a social drinker only, 1-2 cans of beer was enough to set him in the mood. The music was making me crazy and I was dying to dance. But we thought to take a stroll at the beach and see how people are enjoying at various places. And we loved looking at variety of people in their funniest party-avatar. I’ll post a few pics here rather than writing words to describe the mood people were in.


Colorful people
Neon accessories
Neon accessories
Ironman and joker too…
some caveman or what? with one bucket of booze..ooh
The Fire show

I was in awe. I wasn’t still believing that I am also a part of this craziness. Enough of roaming around..Now I wanted to dance. The evening was turning into a wild night. The whole beach was exploding with music and people’s frenzied shouts. I climbed on one of the raised platforms and danced to my heart with unknown people from unknown places. It didn’t matter. Everone was ecstatic. Different people, same motto: Drown in the insanity that this full moon has brought upon us. Despite being a non-drinker, I was soaked in booze. My hubby is a non-dancer, so he stayed away from the dance, but I asked him to stay within my sight as I didn’t want to get lost. This is what I did all night: Danced…took a break..grabbed a bite..quenched my thirst…REPEAT. So, I did this for the whole night. My partner was enjoying the music, the moon and the madness. We didn’t wanted the night to end. But were tired like hell. The hint of dawn could be seen on the horizon. Time to head back to the hotel. The view at the beach was horrible. Bottles everywhere, people here n there. No one was in their senses. People just dragged themselves to the cabs and rides and tell the name of their respective hotels. Thai people are tourist friendly. Drivers drop tourists at proper places. We reached the hotel, took a hot bath and washed our body paint as we didn’t want to spoil the hotel’s linen and slept blissfully. We loved the trip so much that we want to go there again…just for the dance, thai food and that lovely breakfast on the train. Best Anniversary celebration of my life…so far.

P.S: Plz excuse the quality of photos as we left the camera at the hotel and took these photos from our phone. We wanted to enjoy the moment.

For more information on Full moon party , click here.



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  1. This is wonderful travelogue. Neat, gives the feelings and makes one want to visit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been to Full moon party on Koh Phangan twice and it was like you say, one hell of a party! I was unfortunately not a good drinker and got tired around 12am both times and just went back to my bungalow. Isn’t that crazy? You’r suppose to party till sunrise at a party like this. I think I need to go back and join the party again, third time is a charm right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha ha…really? You left the party midway? I too was tired like anything but stayed till sunrise thinking “I may not get a 2nd chance to be here again”. But now I am planning to go there again sometime this year.
      Glad to meet a fellow moon party goer.


      • Haha, yeah! I got so angry at my self the second time I let it happened. I was thinking “not again” the next day. I couldn’t believe how I managed to do that not just once, but twice! I’m sure I’ll go back soon though. Thailand is a place I always wanna go back to.

        Sounds like you had the right spirit and that you had a great time! You are? How exiting 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • There is always a next time.
        Hi! I am Meher from India. And you?


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