Air Traveling with kids? Here are few things you should never forget to pack. #3 is my top most priority.


The other day, I was talking to my friends who have amazing kids and they travel with them. And almost all of them had one point in common… that once you reach the destination, it is fun to spend leisure time with the kids but traveling part is testing. It is such a tedious job to pack the things that children may ( oh! they certainly will ) need in the journey. Most of them hated this part as they are never sure what to pack in one small cabin bag or handbag. So, the idea of this blog post struck my mind.

Traveling with small kids have 2 sides: a) kids are super excited

b) You are super stressed.  Yes, kids are excited about the fun part only. They are not bothered with anything else. And YOU…Though you are very excited about the family time, vacation time, happy time, fun time, you are equally fretting over the packing list especially for the kids. You don’t want to miss any essential item. You never know what you might need while traveling. You don’t want to make your journey troublesome. And this needs planning. Always make a packing list first. I always do. I travel with my kid a lot. Sometimes I have to undergo a very very long air journey…across continents and across oceans, so I give a careful thought to what I pack. Here are few things that I never forget to pack in my handbag or cabin bag.

  1. CHANGE OF CLOTHES: You are never sure how your children are going to behave in the journey. I don’t know why, but small kids often insist on eating their food themselves in front of others. They probably want to project their “ I’m grown-up; no help required” image.They may spill some drink or food on their clothes in excitement. You should always keep at least 2 sets of clothes, including innerwear, in case they need to be changed.
  2. WARM CLOTHES: Even if you are going for a beach holiday, never forget to keep warm clothes for your kids..actually, for everyone. Airports or waiting lounges can get very chilly sometimes. They give you blanket or comforter once you are inside the plane but not on airport or station. Imp. note : The moment you are settled in your seats, ask for blankets or comforters the first thing from the cabin crew, if you are flying economy class.Nowadays, they always seem to be short of that. Trust me, I’m telling it based on my personal experiences.
  3. MEDICINES: It’s an absolute must-must. If possible, make an appointment with your kids’ doctor and ask about some must have medicines while traveling. But if you haven’t been able to meet your doc, pack some anti-allergic medicines, medicines for fever, cold, vomiting, loose motion and pain-killers.
  4. WET WIPES: Even if your kids don’t need nappies anymore, don’t forget to keep baby wet wipes in your handbag. They are really useful in cleaning face, hands, cleaning toilet seats, restaurant tables etc.
  5. HAND SANITIZER:  Keep a very small bottle of hand sanitizer with you. Kids won’t go to washroom again n again to wash their hands before every meal. So, you can keep their hands germ-free using sanitizer.
  6. EXTRA POLYBAGS: I never forget to keep 1-2 polybags in my handbag. You never know, when your kid will wet or soil his/her clothes and you don’t want to put dirty clothes mixed with other fresh clothes. In one of my travel story “ A journey I’ll never forget-3“, these extra polybags came to my rescue.
  7. GLASS/EMPTY BOTTLE: If you are traveling by air, you can’t bring water past security. But you can keep a glass or empty bottle with you. I always find it difficult to drink water from the fountains at the airports. Small kids don’t reach that height. There, glass can be very useful. You can see an orange colored glass peeping out of the side pouch in the above image.
  8. TOILETRIES: Keep toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, lip balm etc. in your cabin bag. Keep liquid items in very small quantity, just enough for the journey as airlines do not allow to take liquids more than 100 ml. You can always keep large bottles or tubes in your checked-in luggage.
  9. TOYS? NO!!! APPS? YES!!!: Keeping your kids entertained is another pressing issue, you know it. They always nag about the arrival time. ” When will we reach?” , ” How many hours more?” , they will kill you with such questions. If your child can carry a bag on his own, you can keep some toys, stickers, crayons, paint books, story books to keep them busy and entertained. But if they can’t, there is no point cramming your bag with toys and things. I prefer to download some new apps for children  like games, puzzles, paint n draw apps, rhymes, pictures on my iPad. One tab or iPad, too many things to entertain them with. My son can carry a small bag on his own.Then too, I don’t allow him to keep more than 4-5 hot wheels and 2 story books. I teach him to travel light.
  10. SMALL DIGITAL CAMERA: I keep a small digital camera, not to click photos at different airports and locations but to keep my child entertained. And my son loves clicking. He’ll click just everything that fancies him, be it his meal, some disneyland posters, toys and gifts at souvenir shops, pictures from magazines, views outside and inside the plane. Sometimes, I also take advantage of his photography enthusiasm and ask him to click my photos at good locations. 😉

So, you see, packing these things in your cabin bag can help in making your journey less troublesome. No one wants to compromise when it comes to their children’s need and comfort.

On Fun Note: My blogger friends know that I am a real travel tragedy queen. I’ve faced so many travel difficulties that I can run a weekly feature post ” Travel Tragedy Tuesdays” for a month or two. LOL. You can visit my travel page to read about them, if you like.

Happy Traveling !!



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  1. Certainly useful tips! I’ll die without wet wipes and hand sanitizer. One thing I’ll add to save my sanity – keep calm, no expectations of how the kids should behave…what will be, will be! 🙂

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  2. Would love to see some proofs for #10. Why don’t you share some of his clicks of you?! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ha ha ha…no, you don’t want to see them. I said, good locations, not good photographs.


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