GOALS…A scary word for me indeed. I am not really much into setting and chasing targets. My priorities in ” to-do list” changes almost daily. And setting long term goals is not at all my cup of tea. You can see my goal setting views on my about page.

When I joined wordpress, I was totally clueless. But with blogging 101, I got to know a lot of things about blogging. My blog grew. With the support, guidance and motivating comments of amazing fellow bloggers, I also grew. I’ll not set any new goals until I’ve thanked my friends from the blogging community for helping me to complete blogging101 successfully. Thank you fellas for visiting, liking, commenting and following my blog. Trablog, I didn’t know how to create pingback, you remember? You taught me that. Thanks a ton for that and reading almost all my posts and putting encouraging words.You taught me many other things too and inspired me for photography. Rosiepeter33, thanks for your tips on photography and posting amazing comments. tinyexats, thank you for following me, encouraging me, nominating me for real blog award and always saying good things about my posts.I still love the fact that you know 4 languages. Italianhurricane, thanks for helping me put blogging university badge on my blog.Itchyquill, thanks for following me on twitter. I love your tweets and posts. A very big thanks to all my followers. You guys motivate me to post more.

Ok….so 3 short term goals I am setting for me are:

  1. Polish and improve what I learned in blogging101 especially widgets…..My God! I didn’t know I m so dumb. I will have to really work hard to understand them.
  2. Will stick to the new feature post “ Wonderful Words Wednesdays” that I just started. I’ll definitely post some good quotes or words that I find amazing.
  3. I’ll post at least Once a week, other than blogging201 assignments.

And One goal that I’ll put in my ” long term” category is that I’ll continue participating in The daily post weekly photography challenge, no matter how bad I am at photography. I love that challenge.

Happy Blogging everyone!



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  1. Oh! You are welcome! I’m glad I could help! And you do have interesting stories and photo posts, so it’s only natural that your following’s growing 🙂

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  2. Now it is time for my gurudakshina!! 😛

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  3. Ha ha ha…have You heard ” Twadiyam vastu govindam tubhyamev samarpaye”?


  4. All the goals you’ve set for yourself seem quite doable. I’m not one who likes to make goals (but I will for this group) because I find that I disappoint myself when I don’t achieve what I set out to do, and then I give up.

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