A Journey I’ll never forget….Part 2

continued from A journey…part 1

What lies ahead? Will I have to cancel the trip and go back? No, I don’t want to go back. I want to be with my life partner. Looked at my son who was sleeping peacefully, felt sad for him. His tiny heart will break if we go back. Couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. Messaged to my friends and relatives about our situation. They started calling. I was talking to one of my friend and got to know that her husband is coming to kolkata and he’ll  start for the airport in about 30 mins. Something clicked..an idea struck. I talked to her husband and asked, “If someone gives you my yellow fever certificate, will you bring that to me? Here, at the hotel?” And he said, yes. Whoa!! Immediately, I called my relative and requested him to deliver the certificate at my friend’s place. Instructed him on where to find that. My house keys were with him and he had no difficulty in finding the certs. He gave them to my friend’s husband at the airport ( he had left for the airport by then). And by the time the shipping office opened, I had those yellow fever certs with me. At least, morning started with a good note, I consoled myself. Called office, informed them and asked about my next plan of action. Whether I should cancel the trip or stay with it. They promised to get back to me with all the information. Meanwhile, I enquired about the flight rescheduling. I came to know that the flight has been rescheduled for that night. Same time..changed date. The office called and told me that if I fly tonight and reach tomorrow, I’ll still be able to catch the ship. Any day later than that night will destroy my chances of being able to join. And the most painful part of rescheduled flight started. Everything had to be rescheduled…all the connecting flights. And most important task was to inform my husband that we didn’t fly yesternight and will fly tonight, if the luck supports. So, mailed to the captain about our situation and asked him to inform my husband. In no time, my husband called up and I was all tears. I needed him all the more. He consoled me and said that I am a very brave girl and can manage all this.

The flights that were arranged for us by the culprit airline didn’t look promising. I had to talk to them ( teary eyed) to rearrange everything as per my need. Emotionally blackmailed them that they are ruining my son’s vacations, his happiness and a family get together. After a lot of pushing from my side, they arranged the same flight plan i.e Kolkata-HongKong-San francisco-Seattle but with different transit airline. There still was a glitch. There was a gap of only 1 hour at HongKong in getting off and getting on another plane. I told them that this is not sufficient, I am going to miss my connecting flight to San Francisco. But they assured me that 1 hr is enough for transit in HongKong and moreover, we’ll telex at HongKong airport and our ground staff will be there to assist you. She’ll help you jump the queue and you’ll be able eo catch your flight. OK. Assured, I informed everyone at my home and office that I am going tonight.

Everything turned out well. My tickets were ok..flight took off at right time. You can’t imagine my happiness. Reached HKG and there indeed was a ground staff for us to help. We were running and rushing to collect our boarding pass. Reached the counter, asked about the boarding pass and they said that You can’t take this flight now. It is about to take off. We’ll have to rebook you on another flight. OH NO! NOT AGAIN! The damn flight dropped me at HKG 15 minutes late and another 15 mins wasted in shuttle transit made us miss our flight. What’s the scene now? To go ahead or to go back…that seemed to be the perpetual question. Again I had to explain them my tight situation that ship doesn’t run according to my flight, I’ve to manage according to her schedule. If You can’t transport me there on time ( wished, someone could teleport me), give me a ticket back home. Airlines are very good on assuring people. They checked their screen and said about booking us on their next earliest flight and assured me about the ground staff help and jumping the queue facility. I told them that this doesn’t happen in USA. And they were like..see, how we helped you here. Assured..( ha ha ha..I am easily scared n assured), fingers crossed, started waiting for our next flight.

The uncertain wait at HKG
The uncertain wait at HKG

The time came and we were on our flight to San francisco. Long Flight…very long indeed. Tired..exhausted…physically and emotionally. What Lies Ahead?

(Long post again. Adventure and uncertainty is not over yet. Stay with me for part -3, concluding part)



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  1. This is some journey indeed!!

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  2. No, not anymore. After this journey, my husband remarked ” this is your baptism..a new birth.. You’ve found a new you”.


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