Things I want you to know about me

I am a lover

I am a traveller

I am a mother

I am a learner

I am a….. read more about me



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  1. really good! Also, I am working on learning German, off and on, as time allows

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  2. Thank you! Share a few german phrases that we may find useful while traveling to Germany.


  3. Hi there, I really love your blog name and strapline. I have just turned fifty and have set up a blog to explore what that means to me and how it’s likely to impact on and shape the rest of my life … and I feel that I am falling in love with life again — it’s so precious and you never really know how long it’s going to last!

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    • Thank you so much! Congratulations on taking up blogging and sharing. 50 is a great age to fall in love with life all over again and live it to the fullest. I m sure you have lot of intetesting things n wisdom to share. Would love to read your posts.
      Happy living!


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