Shadows are loyal…

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

Shadows are the silent partners of light…always silent, always following. One cannot grab a shadow. But, here is my effort to capture some moods in shadows.

A bit gloomy..
A bit gloomy..
And that smile..
And that smile..
In deep thought..
In deep thought..
The  serious mood...
The serious mood…
A journey towards the wisdom of light
A journey towards the light of wisdom and knowledge

As I’ve mentioned earlier in my post  that I’ve been on many sailing trips with my sailor husband, these photos were taken onboard on one of those trips. In the pic ” A journey towards the wisdom of light”, outside view of the deck and blue ocean is quite visible. In other Shadowed pics, lights of the port terminal was coming inside my cabin. My husband was on his duty and I was getting bored and waiting for him. I switched off the cabin lights and started admiring the outside view. At a point, I glanced back and my eyes stopped at the shadows falling on the back wall. It was captivating. It inspired me and I started clicking and capturing some moods. Some of them are here for you all to see. Would appreciate, if someone stops by, have a look and give me some feedback on how I did and some suggestions too. @trablog, need your opinion too.



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  1. oh here I am to check the shadows 😀 Looks like a big ship!!
    In those first 3 shots you perfectly hid the camera! 🙂 Nice ones

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  2. Very nice pictures 🙂 Where did you find the photo challenge?

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  3. You are a quick learner indeed 😀 I got the notification. Now this is called “Pingback”

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