All readers are my dream readers….Blogging 101 assignment #4

Happiness Hi readers, Wishing lifelong happiness n brightness to you! This is already a dream….writing, being read, being appreciated, getting help when needed. So, every reader is a dream reader for me. But today, I intend this letter to be read by my son when he grows up and knows the meaning of such heavy words( or should I say trivial).

Hey sonny boy, I always believed that life has many things to offer, I just have to pick the right ones. I want you to believe in life, appreciate it and be happy with it. I want you to dream and believe in your strengths. I want you to fly and believe in your wings. I want you to rise and believe in your roots. I want you to take up any activity and be a part of it. Forget about losing or winning, just be a part of it. Though my heart would always want you to succeed in all your endeavors, I want you to understand that life is a journey, not a destination. Grow up to be a good human being. Feel the love, spread the love. Be happy and spread the happiness all around. You’ll always be the apple of our eyes. You are our angel.You are the meaning of our life. As parents, as guardians, you’ll always have our unconditional support, unbound love and unlimited blessings. Look forward, move forward, we have your back, son.

Here’s to your happiness and our togetherness!



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  1. What a prolific read! I wish there were more parents like you…fearless and life loving 🙂

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  2. I love the last sentence, “we have your back son.” That’s certainly what I want to let my son know as he grows older.

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