LIFELOVER……..#2 Assignment

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So, here I am done with my 2nd assignment of blogging 101 that was to edit my blog title and tagline. On the face the task seemed to be simple and just a 2 minute job but no…. it wasn’t that easy. When I registered with the wordpress, then only it took a hell lot of thinking and pondering to come up with a blog title and tagline. What the hell! Again thinking, thinking, thinking and finally thought of something. So, now my blog title is ” Lifelover” and the tagline is ” Let’s fall in with life…all over again”. Hope people like it.

Whoever has read my 1st blogging assignment will understand why have I chosen this title. Those who haven’t read my post, i would like to tell them that I value life, not only mine but also of others. Another principle that I follow in life is “Live and let live”.

Cheers to life!!!

attention @michelleweber


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