Hi fellow bloggers, Before I start writing about myself, I would like to make a sincere and honest declaration that I am very new to blogging and you may come across a lot of mistakes or naive thoughts or words in my blog or future blogs. But here I am with my words… Well, I’m a young woman who is happy with her life as I’ve the tendency to accept life as it comes to me and try to accept whatever life has to offer. I think that being alive and healthy is the greatest gift and I’ve started valuing it more and more each passing day. And I am sincerely thankful to the super almighty for keeping my alive and in good health. Another thing that I’ve started realizing that learning is a life long process and one should never think that there is a fixed age for learning anything new. This realisaton was one of the reason to bring me on blogging platform. I used to think that blogging is never gonna be my cup of tea, it’s meant either for celebrities or serious, ambitious people. But with some encouragments from close relatives, I thought of started blogging. And then this @dailypost blogging 101 started and I felt more encouraged. Actually, I kind of felt blessed that I’ll get some tutorial kind of thing. Though I always have many random words or thoughts storming in my head but never knew how to put up those thoughts in relevant words. Expressing thoughts into the words liberates you. I want to keep on blogging publicly, to the open world so that I feel more liberated, more expressive and more at ease with me and my thoughts. With your( bloggers) valuable inputs and suggestions, I am hoping to be a more accomplished writer and skilled wordpress user. This is not my very first blog. When I was writing my very first blog, I didn’t know what to write, where to write, how to add an image in my post or ridiculously, how to publish it. But I managed to publish. I learned something, at least. So, in my opinion, a day is well spent if I managed to learn something new. About my personal life, I would like to share that my husband is a sailor, a merchant navy Chief Engineer. We are a happy and in love with each other couple. Though we stay away from each other for good part of the year, but it doesn’t take away the bonding between us. I value our company, our togetherness more and more. I am blessed to have a super loving, obedient and easy going kid. God bless my child! I and my son have been on 4-5 sailing trips with my husband and believe me, it’s an exciting and very different feeling onboard. I’ll be writing and sharing many things about sailing, being a sailor’s family, being amidst the pure nature, and many such things in days to come. I’ll also write some experiences, lessons I learnt being a parent. I’ll also write about some great quotes which inspire me, about books that I’ve read and would love to read. I don’t know what else I’ll be writing but will definitely try to keep writing anything or something. Travelling is one of my hobbies, I would definitely be sharing some good or bad travel experiences. I would  love to connect to lot of people from all arenas of life via my blog. I would love to share experiences of other parents, other travelers, other sailors, other life lovers. I would love to be in network of genuine people with kind thoughts and encouraging words. If I blog successfully throughout this year, I’ll be happy and content that I learned something, that I did something that I wanted to do, that I added one skill in my life. I hope to evolve myself as a good content writer( who is in great demand..ha ha). <a href=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/blogging-university/”><img src=”https://dailypost.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/seal_v2-04.png&#8221; alt=”Blogging U.” width=”300″ height=”300″ /></a> @michelleweber, @siobhyb, @gracejiyoung, please have a look at my assignment blog and give your opinion. @thenovelist, you also have a look on my blog, please.



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  1. From all that I can see your enthusiasm for what you have to say!

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