5 Interesting things to make you love your life again

5 interesting things that can make you love your life again


So you are bored and sick of your monotonous life and want to bring in some interesting changes. Here are 5 interesting things that can make you love your life again.


Yes, you heard it right! If you aren’t already going to the GYM ….regularly….you need to start doing it right away.       Exercising not only shapes and tones your body but also destresses you. You’ll love the realisation that going to the gym is your “me time”. It’s the time you selfishly devote to your personal self, to your very own body.


If you already know how to swim, you are lucky as you can jump right in the pool. Dip, float, dive, or swim, do what you like. But, if you don’t know swimming, enrol in a swimming class. Have fear of water??? Don’t worry, they don’t teach in a pool where you can drown. It’s a “not so deep” pool. And you can learn to swim at any age. That’s one skill you will never regret learning and will always love it ‘cos it’s a great workout too!


Everyone knows that dancing is a great stressbuster. If you know some good dance moves, you can always try to learn a new dance form.Believe me,you are going to love it.But if you are shy and your legs freeze when it comes to dancing, move your hands, shake your head. Shake it shake it shake it shake it like Shammi! C’mon, let go your inhibitions,put on your dancing shoes,hop over to a dance class (they can really teach you some very good,easy dance moves) and dance your blues away.


Some people have a flair for language while some don’t.So what if you come into the “don’t have” category, you anyways don’t have to make a career out of it.Learn it just for the sake of learning something new. Local libraries or some institutes often conduct language courses. If you want, you can learn it online too. Imagine sprinkling a few foreign words and phrases to impress your friends and colleagues.


You can start teaching kids at orphanage (even if only once or twice a week) or spend and share time with old people at old age home. Do anything or something for the cause you care about.Offer help, not necessarily in cash, it can be in kind too. This will delight your heart that you are contributing to the society. Trust me,nothing makes you feel better than volunteering for a social cause.

See,the idea is to love yourself,love your life. What do you do to make your life happy? Share your tips and ideas.


Happy Living!!


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